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It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not…


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Meditation is no escape. It is only a preparation for life. We come back to ourselves deepened, more awake, and reaffirmed by our contact with the infinite, with the mysteries of our own nature, with the divine (Zajonc 40).

Today, I came to class feeling tired and overwhelmed. I had woken up at 5:35 for morning swim practice, swam from 6:00 to 8:00, showered, changed, ran to coop for breakfast (a delicious sausage sunrise), and retraced my steps down past the pool to Wilson and our politics seminar room. But all this in such a short amount of time wasn’t all that had me flustered. During any available moment, my attention turned to the ever-growing laundry list of things to do this weekend that had taken over my brain. Study for Logic Test. Start French Paper. Read the French short story and answer the questions. Email Professor about bringing a swimming recruit to class. Read for politics. Work on the Econ problem set etc. etc. etc. Needless to say, I was at the point of bursting.

When I saw the note to go to the Stainer Gallery, I was excited. We were going to meditate. I would be able to relax and clear my mind.

When the bell went off, signifying the end of meditation, I returned my mind to the present and was overcome by a sense of peace. I still had all of the same things to do as before, but now, they didn’t seem as pressing. I had reaffirmed my goals. I had realized what was important. And this calm lasted…at least for a couple hours.


One thought on “Reaffirmation

  1. Breath is there, whatever the disturbance and exuberance notice. Follow breath five cycles, inhale and exhale. Do that simply, with no purpose at all, notice simply breath. We may need some reminders; make them easy, say when you look at your phone, put the key into the ignition or front door. No onerous “time to meditate” needed. Notice in the movement of your life. Then when you least expect it and not needing to desire it, “it” changes. Life blossoms. What used to unsettle you doesn’t. Surprised by generosity, you goodness and that of others manifest — you sigh in wonder. What was once elusive and unreal become possible and good.

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